The beginning was in Osaka in 2014, a prof David Mullins in Birmingham University visited me to inspect the remaining row houses at Karahori district, and I took him around that area. welcomed and let him presented about his study what current situation of empty home in UK. It’s likely happen anywhere in the down town center of the city. According to his presentation community-led activities supported by grant funding to renovate empty homes in any places U.K, impressed me. The opportunity to visit U.K  in this time among September has became cause this experienced, my visit to U.K. followed from prof David presented at Karahori.

Annual conference with 9 organization held on, attending in as a guest.

In Sep 9-11, I traveled with David Mullins to meet community-led empty homes projects in Middlesbrough, Kingston upon Hull and Stockton on Tees and attended a one day Get  On this visiting I was able to see many of the empties brought into use by Giroscope in the unique‘courts’ of terraced houses found in West Hull; meet the staff and volunteers involved in the

organisation’s distinctive community-based refurbishment model and learn of the key role played by Hull City Council in supported five community-led organisations to deliver an empty homes program.

The article of News letter, HCR Housing and Communities Research Group is written what I visited HCR to learn the empty home’s.

Interview at Hull City Council